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Cyber security is alarming (e shqipëruar në gj. shqipe)

By Blerim Abedini, Institute for Security Studies and Development-ISSDNM During the last decade, we saw that the World is going to do life duties through digital technology which means easier life compared to the XX century. Developed states as the USA, EU states, Australia, East Asian states, and few others ...

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‘Locked’ inside the walls with the invisible enemy

BY SELIM IBRAIMI- The global pandemic has paralyzed all sectors of the economy, world markets, airline, shipping industry and people’s lives. Almost humanity has been forced to take radical steps to isolate the spread of the virus, and with this isolation states seems that have returned to the Middle Ages ...

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Diary of the plague

By Selim Ibraimi- As is well known, all supplies come from China, and now national security it is at stake.US leadership must now change its approach to China. As noted the United States, although between the two oceans, it is not secure when it comes global pandemic outbreaks and biowarfare. ...

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BY SELIM IBRAIMI– 1. The current US administration differs from the others for some reasons and let start first some media information that cites sources of the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI) part of DIA  which say for the early intelligence announcements of “Novel coronavirus -Covid-19” will also ...

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Oliver’s murder, the future of talks and implications for Macedonia’s security

By Selim Ibraimi-  Institute for Security Studies and Development -(ISSD) (MONTHLY DISPATCH #1)   Introduction The State Prosecutor’s Office of Kosovo has nothing yet to clear the murder of Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic. “Regarding the investigation of the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic, we are working intensively on the discovery of ...

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