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Russia in the years ahead

Dr. Selim Ibraimi analyzes future Russian activities in the Balkans.

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Selim Ibraimi comes with the newest book “The Influence of Russia in the Western Balkans”

Dr. Selim Ibraimi comes with the newest book “The Influence of Russia in the Western Balkans”, published by @ISSDMacedonia. Book reviewers are Anton Pancev, Ph.D., and Etem Aziri, Ph.D. The book is in the Albanian language. Preface             The study “Russia’s Influence in the Western Balkans” is one of the ...

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Nga Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM Z. Abedini është hulumtues i studimeve kibernetike dhe dezinformimit. Historiku i votimit nëpërmjet internetit nuk është e largët, por i takon këtij shekulli. Në botë numërohen disa shtete që inkuadrojnë votimin e dyfishtë si me internet dhe atë standarde. Ekspertiza e parë në vitin 2004 për ...

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Македонските Бугари и Албанците заедно во борбата со југословенскиот комунизам

Пишува: Доц. д-р Спас Ташев Односите меѓу македонските Бугари и Албанците во различни периоди никогаш не биле секогаш еднозначни. Уште од времето на османлиската власт, водачите на двете групи се поддржувале меѓусебно, но кога предложените решенија во нивните национални програми територијално се поклопувале, соработката се претворала во делумен антагонизам. Меѓутоа, ...

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BY SELIM IBRAIMI– 1. The current US administration differs from the others for some reasons and let start first some media information that cites sources of the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI) part of DIA  which say for the early intelligence announcements of “Novel coronavirus -Covid-19” will also ...

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Nga Selim Ibraimi – (CSSD) Dhjetë bilionë dollarë investime direkte dhe kredi nga Republika Populllore e Kinës (RPK), 30 bilionë dollarë  linjë e hapur nga paketa kineze për Ballkanin dhe Evropën Qendrore konsiderohen si një ndër shumat më të mëdha të investimeve në kontinentin europian. Plani ambicioz kinez dhe overtura ...

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By Selim Ibraimi-This article first was published on VISION POLITIC-independent research and analysis center. The trends of instability continue in the Balkans, and the political events in Macedonia are part of the information warfare. Diplomatic efforts to form a new government in Macedonia after the elections of last year have ...

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The suspension of pipeline geopolitics and the age of cyber-warfare

By Selim Ibraimi-Center for Security Studies and Development-Macedonia-(CSSD) Abstract:Energy infrastructure is related to the cyber-warfare. Cyber- warfare is Internet-based conflict involving politically motivated attacks on information network systems. Cyber warfare attacks can disable official websites and networks, disrupt or disable essential services, steal classified data, and cripple financial systems — ...

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Macedonia: Unstable energy sector with domino effect

Macedonia has the most unstable energy sector. Even though the Macedonian government claims that this issue is in good path to be resolved, the reports of unfair competition in domestic market suggest that in future country can face a crisis as result of growing competition on regional scale of gas ...

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The Shaping of Grand Strategy

Europe and other democracies must have a grand strategy to deal with threats of 21st century. Other then diplomacy EU in era of cybersecurity and terrorism can use tools of grand strategy to prevent attacks in Europe in elsewhere.(Intelligence Unit of CSSD)

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