By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM

Cyber security is an actuality that requires prudence in actions. In the world, we encounter various events that are influenced by the ‘power’ of cyber security. We must keep in mind that cyber security has positive sides because of its impact on data storage and population mobilization for a common fight against this unethical phenomenon. The increase in speed associated with the Internet records numerous events, which in the past we have obtained data from books. Today, payments are made through the digital network, books are bought in internet markets, robotic missions to the planet Mars and the Moon, etc. Cyber security9 in politics aims to expand political power, which today is misused by governments that want to retain power or extend the regime. Political reforms in the US have alarmed former President Trump’s misuse of cyber security, even engaging global hackers to take advantage of misinformation to the detriment of the Democrat camp. These steps show us the weakening of the Republican political factor, as a pioneer of American political governance. While the Democrats had numerous cyber attacks, the state was later threatened by the coup. The martyrs of democracy lost their lives and many others were injured. In the Mr.Biden presidency, the unprecedented antagonism in the US Congress, with the rejection of vital projects for the state by the Republicans, openly reflects the internal crisis that the Republican party has currently.  Recently, there has been a change in mentality in Congress, with continual court hearings which are being held related to coup issues, in the U.S. Senate in January 2020. According to data from cybersecurity agencies, hackers are most prevalent in the U.S., China,  Russia, etc. The most famous hackers are known in the USA as residents, who have been imprisoned many times but have also been consulted for help on how to fight Chinese, Russian and other hackers. A lot of money is lost due to hackers from the bank accounts, which they use during online transactions. In the USA, within 100,000 inhabitants, the bank accounts of 300 citizens are deciphered, on average by damage in a few million dollars as the total amount. It is clear that the state has a major role in protecting its residents by allocating a portion of the national budget. While North Macedonia was the target of cyberattacks, information leaked that the state does not allocate an amount of budget for cyber security other than for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Finance. It is no coincidence that N. Macedonia is the target of numerous attacks where citizens lose money in digital pyramid schemes such as hiring companies. Related case with a citizen of Macedonia by a few months ago, who lost several tens of thousands of euros. There are also other citizens who have lost hundreds to thousands of euros in pyramid schemes throw the Internet pyramidal companies but, unfortunately, their publication does not happen for individual reasons.

However, the development of the digital network in combating partisan cyber-attacks has positive aspects such as rapid information, investigation of sources of disinformation given by the state of the regime until moving beyond towards the world of innovation and social liberalization.