In search of the new energy resources

By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM

The world in the century of digitalization is growing in the fields of research where space technology is presented as impressive. At the global level, information on the political, social, historical, and innovative has influenced the great changes in societies. Variety of information on countries around the world related to human rights, coups, corruption, war crimes, climate change, and government measures. Also, investments in space technology, where the US is elite, have influenced the change in the course of investments and studies. Among these should be mentioned is the telescope that can track many galaxies for a moment called James Webb which is 1.6 million kilometers from Earth. The telescope is at the “Second Lagrange Point” in the Sun-Earth direction, where objects can stay in time with an orbital rotation within 168 days.

Also, the company SpaceX is a large airline founded in 2002 by Elon Musk and is headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It is also the manufacturer of electric rechargeable cars and made the internet connection with its satellites at the request of Prime Minister Zelenski, where crimes are seen from all over the world.

The information age, where technology is constantly producing new equipment in the field of robotics, high-speed quantum computers, durable batteries, nanotechnology, curing serious diseases, building small nuclear power stations, advances in research of new forms of solar energy accumulation, gravity studies, sub-atomic studies such as neutrino studies, etc.

Communication through social networks has contributed to choosing the best solution during crises such as Climate Change. Experts study new models of nuclear energy with other functions, then wind turbines that can be mounted in the seas and oceans, as well as mining of rare minerals from the ocean depths such as gold, cobalt, lithium, etc., the study of minerals on the surface of the planet Mars with the robots operating there, desalination of salt water for green projects as it is Sahara desert, the use of atmospheric water by sucking water from the fog with special devices, the recycling of household waste and their use in paving roads, the production of fuel, the carbon in the powder composed with liquid hydrogen, solar panels with new techniques mounted on lakes and rivers, accumulation of rainfall in the housing complex and their reuse in the household;

So, from the war crisis in Ukraine, the states started looking for other sources of energy where renewable and nuclear energies were investigated as the most successful for meeting the needs of the state. Sanctions against Russia have resulted in many unemployed due to the withdrawal of international companies operating in Russia. So the need for new energy sources has gathered experts to discuss these new investments.

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