Dr. Selim Ibraimi – Currently, the situation of Albanian diplomacy is deteriorating and there are no signs that it will improve. In this regard, Kosovo has not inherited proper diplomacy and foreign policy, nor has it made any effort to strengthen this area of ​​international relations since independence. The employees are mainly persons of political parties and interest groups, who think that they can represent the state abroad. Also unlucky are the Albanians of Northern Macedonia, who have no one to complain to.
They are usually represented abroad and internally by elected Macedonian or Albanian officials of Ahmeti’s party (DUI). This is the current situation and should be swallowed up by the Albanian citizens of Northern Macedonia in the diaspora.
Since 1991, the employed Albanian staff of Macedonian socialism, of political parties closely associated with Macedonian and family politics circles, have been appointed as ambassadors and in charge of consulates. Also, with the coming of the DUI to power, the efforts to establish an Albanian diplomatic opinion within the Macedonian diplomacy almost ended. Ahmeti, as it is estimated, as an Enverist profile and with secondary education, he has sunk his previous engagements, sending people of the former system to diplomatic missions with no experience in foreign affairs.
For him, and the close circle of the Minister of Foreign Affairs – Bujar Osmani, it is enough for the nominations to consist of people close to them or clans that helped them reach and stay in power. Some of the staff, who today are in foreign embassies within the country, have been members of the Communist League of Macedonia in the former Yugoslavia, showing loyalty to the government and the former political system. We can observe from the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is known by the media as a person formed in the Macedonian medical environment with service for the cause of the Macedonian identity and to reach the officials of the lowest levels.

(Published in TV/Magazine”Shenja”, Skopje. Link: Pozita e shqiptarëve në epokën konkurruese – TV SHENJA)