Comment by Dr. Selim Ibraimi “If we say no if Albania starts the negotiations. If the people realize that there is no future, I believe that thousands will start getting passports from their neighbors. Thousands will decide to leave and leave the state because there is no future. Inter-ethnic tensions will start. Tensions will start between different categories of citizens, we will have the hardest winter this year, with energy and food, due to the global crisis”, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani stated today.

—We must tell the truth here and correct the minister Osmani or otherwise, as we can describe him as Metternich (if he knew this figure of diplomacy) or I would add here himself as “Balkan Metternic” (see Klemens von Metternich), I believe he knows that the exodus of young people has continued and continues for years in N. Macedonia and that the inter-ethnic relations presented as excellent by his party and leader Ahmeti for years, now after the opposition’s opposition to the French proposal, will deteriorate at a speed that will overturn everything in North Macedonia?!

The prophecies of the Foreign Minister at the moment are wrong, since, as I pointed out, young people have left this country earlier and the dynamics of Albanian-Macedonian relations presented as stable for years, can finally be unbearable now, as the minister said.
Depending on the point of view, the departure of the vital part of the people from North Macedonia towards the EU states has not been part of the concerns of Ahmet’s party and others. And now, with an out-of-place prophecy, Minister Osmani is trying to warn of events and scenarios that are already developing and have not even attracted the government’s attention for years.

I will make this comment short: You will need additional persuasive arguments for the entire Macedonian part of politics, population, and abroad to accept this new agreement from Paris, Madrid, and supported by Washington. In the end, Skopje officially is not losing anything from the agreement with Bulgaria say supporters of the proposals.

In the end, it is merely that our soldiers of present diplomacy and politics are put to the function of sounding like soldiers before cavalry and in foreign battles.

The fighting foursome of the party. In all battles together!