Why does the speech of presidential candidate Bujar Osmani on nationalism make no sense?

By Selim Ibraimi- Some concerns have appeared in the Albanian political scene, especially during the presidential campaign in North Macedonia. While both candidates were initially calm and without accusations, later we saw an increase in criticism between Bujar Osmani from DUI, (presidential candidate supported by the European Front) and Arben Taravari, (the other Albanian candidate who has support from VLEN). In particular, the voice and heart of the Albanian voters in North Macedonia are with Dr. Taravari, who is a charismatic and respected figure at home and abroad. The current Foreign Minister of North Macedonia, Bujar Osmani is also respected in the diplomatic world. His power comes only from the votes of the European Front clientele, from the followers of Ahmeti's party and the smaller parties. Surprisingly, yesterday in the Tetovo Highlands, presidential candidate Bujar Osmani said that the European Front will be the defender of the road to the EU and the fight against nationalism. Well, from this point it is not known which nationalism he and the European Front will fight. However, he should be direct and say that nationalism comes from the right-wing VMRO-DPMNE or it does not come from VMRO, but from other parties. He did not say that, so from his speech, it can be seen that he was trying to allude to the Albanian opposition parties that make up VLEN, which generally have no objections to the demands of the international community. Fighting nationalism from the Tetova Highlands makes no sense since its spiritual leader Ali Ahmeti has never openly said that he will fight nationalism. Osmani's declaration brings some bad memories to the Albanians, as it echoes the former Stalinist policies of the former dictator Enver Hoxha, and the massacres against the inhabitants of the Albanian Highlands, who had different views towards the Hoxha regime. The Albanians of North Macedonia never thought that after 2002, supporters indoctrinated by the propaganda of the former regime of Enver Hoxha would act and be active in the Albanian political scene. Their proliferation shows that they are dangerous for fragile democracies and electoral processes. Bringing new figures to DUI, to educate the Albanian population about the possible fight against "nationalism" is meaningless. Because there is nothing to fight for and it does not exist. DUI wants to bring about a state of class warfare that they have been building for years. Everyone else who thinks differently, according to them, should be declared an enemy. Therefore, the fight of DUI, of the European Front, against nationalism must be more specific. Perhaps, their "fight" is a different meeting point with VMRO-DPMNE, as they still have open accounts from 2016-17.