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The ‘Powder Keg’ and the new U.S. administration

Selim Ibraimi (CSSD)-The annexation of Crimea by Russia on 2014 brought memories of war developed in this region by European Powers, Russia and Turkey.The period of 1815-1914 in Europe is described as by one of relative peace, but during this period there were a number of vicious, but usually short-lived, ...

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Building Community Resilience in CVE

Selim Ibraimi (CSSD)-The societies new approach to countering violent extremism (CVE) through engaging community and civil society partners, challenges us to make a paradigm shift in how we understand the causes of radicalization, extremism and terrorism. This approach  should be supported by theory, research findings, knowledge, policy successes and supporting ...

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“The Cold Peace”-at reading rooms of the Library of Congress

As of November 2016, the book:” The Cold Peace”:10 years of geopolitical reconfiguration in the Balkans”-by the author and journalist Selim Ibraimi, it can be found also at Library of Congress of the United States, Southeast Europe Section / Germanic and Slavic Division Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate.You may also read ...

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Critical Security Studies

Editor’s choice- Book:Critical Security Studies  Realist assumptions of security studies increasingly have been challenged by an approach that places the human being, rather than the state, at the center of security concerns.CSS, brings together a diverse new group of analysts seeking to explore issues of international relations and contribute to the ...

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Enduring methodologies

CSSD’s standards for high-quality research and analysis articulate longstanding CSSD’s concepts and values regarding the features of high-quality studies, political analysis, monographs and enduring methodologies on how CSSD experts think, collect ,evaluate , analyze , synthesize and publish the final products.

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Skopje:Debate on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

From the debate on CVE, Skopje, Macedonia.What is next for the region? Foreign fighters,education and integration.Experts,journalists and representatives of religious community have discussed all causes and options how to prevent violent extremism in the Balkans.Themes: Dynamics,approaches,empowering local partners,the role of media to prevent violence,inter- culture,inter-faith, inter-dialogues, global and regional challenges, ...

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U.S. Elections: Live analysis with Selim Ibraimi and Berat Azizi

US elections and policy changes of administration for the Balkans and Europe. What next for Macedonia? Could Washington changes the strategy on Albanians? For more information please watch the video interview for TVART TETOVO, MACEDONIA with Selim Ibraimi and Berat Azizi. (CSSD-MACEDONIA)  

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The craft of intelligence

(CSSD-Macedonia) -If the experts could point to any single book as a starting point for understanding the subject of intelligence from the late twentieth century to today, that single book would be Allen W. Dulles’s The Craft of Intelligence. This classic of spycraft is based on Allen Dulles’s incomparable experience ...

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Intelligence and cyber warfare

The Byzantine Empire was the first to create a “Bureau of Barbarians” and use it to great effect. It gathered information from all neighboring  enemies states (ruler’s personality, power struggles, local customs, etc.), it analyzed reports arriving from envoys, it organized visits for foreign diplomats to Constantinople, and did almost ...

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Empress Irene:Connecting women to the Silk Road

Historic lessons for todays regional geopolitics Byzantium and the Silk Trade: Byzantium was one of the most important western terminals of the Silk Road. Constantinople, the capital, stood at the crossroads of Europe and Asia where many sea and overland trade routes linked the two regions. Its value as a ...

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