Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM

New order in the world is a consequence of many delays in the geopolitical sector, climate change, and finally pandemic non-cooperation for quick finding of medication. Disclaimers of the United Nations solution for climate change (2050) are pointing to 2028 as the year of the global solution by using the process of desalination which obtains additional freshwater for desert parts of the world (Sahara).

The world is changing so fast. We have climate changes followed by pandemic disease. Otherside war conflict in regions which are the main subject in news media, we are seeing people which are in danger from delta virus sourcing from India followed by unmerciful battles in Afghanistan. The Near East bombing by Asad’s regime doesn’t make a selection of civil objects where children were victimized. For this bombing three states, Turkey, Russia, and Iran will meet to discuss this event and bring a possible cease-fire. After the backing of US soldiers from Afghanistan now there could be other state negotiators for getting peace between the two nations. One is Turkey as possible. So, need the new presence of other states to negotiate for Afghanistan by intention to bring counterparts in a round table for geopolitical issues.

Migration is higher after Cold Peace within a destination to Europe and North America. In Lebanon, there are 70% of people without daily needs because of corruption and pandemic impact. In Afghanistan, the Talibans also have been living in poor conditions who don’t care for their lives on the battlefield. People in Syria or migrated are living a long time in the camp condition where education of children and adults is difficult. Migration in Africa because of criminal groups in Niger.

Myanmar crises and insurrection hopefully will have a choice for new government and prison of corrupted formal leadership. Israel is going to stabilize its political situation by backing Palestinians of Jerusalem in their own homes. But the army in Israel still is doing steps on its own by destroying homes in rural parts which are Palestinian homes.

Mr. Biden is facing alarm from the FBI for possible threats by conspirational groups. Congress is very divided in Washington and the senators’ intention is to prepare Trump for another presidential election. So, the head of the republican senate has the tendency to elect senators who will accept Trump as the next candidate. Unfortunately, Trump has an accusation for tax non-payment, and for that executive of Trump’s company- Allen Weisselberg could face up to 7 years in prison. Cyber-attacks have high frequency and the US government is making reforms in this sector by stopping Microsoft’s 10 billion project to give as a continuation to Amazon company. Further steps are inside the White House with high consequences to states who allow groups to make cyberattacks in the critical infrastructure of the United States.

We are all facing Climate Change’s negative impact on natural destruction as high-speed winds, fires in forests, lack of water, delays for climate change solution, which is destroying flora and fauna around the globe, and shortage of food is evident in many countries.