The Ahmeti’s list remains the same but likely to lose votes in the next local elections

BY SELIM IBRAIMI- DUI’s leader Ali Ahmeti is getting ready for The Hague. Part of the his party has revolted over the appointment of the same figures in Zaev’s new government. The former Minister of European Integration Bujar Osmani, the former MP Artan Grubi and Fatmir Besimi have been mentioned and criticized the most.
In public, these DUI officials are known as the line of former security chief Sasho Miajlkov, who resigned in 2015 following the events in Kumanovo. Ahmeti said that the list remains the same.

Now given the latest developments in the ruling DUI, Ahmeti is probably opening a public debate or split that he is supporting the same people who provide him with a peaceful governance without much headaches but losing votes in the upcoming local elections by party branches from Skopje.

DUI failed to secure the same representation in senior government positions in several other regions where the party has won. Maybe leveling and low-key appointments will be made later.

Whether Ahmeti was right with these appointments will be seen later by the public reactions of the DUI voters themselves. Despite arguments for or against the same appointments in Zaev’s government (2), the refresh of list is necessary to keep the party alive, along with the experience of people in politics. Anyhow the reports from Skopje say the government will be voted on by the end of the week at the latest. (ISSDMaqedonia-@CSSDMacedonia)