By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM

Cold War and now Cold Peace with soft power measures are attempting new order in world affairs. EU is quietly reasoning with the new situation in the world because of the high-security level which obtains borders secure. Economic infusion repeatedly is done to hold its border in East side. The US far from geographic security risk is liberally acting on world politics but the insurrection was Big Bang for the state due to soft power which doesn’t recognize long distance! Being careful and respect international law means a progressive future!

1.Many crises still are in the World, facing historical heritage. We are seeing Middle East crises that escalated into a war conflict. Crises in the UK where Irish and Scottish demands for their democratic tendency are repeating. Balkans’ national efforts for the formal border are a barrier for large reforms! EU is trying to hold peace in Balkans by pressuring leadership to resolve or making a record of their political path. Russia is holding patience with its own economic weakness due to pressure from the US to block North Stream in furnishing the EU. World Cold War is repeating by making two side powers active as we knew from the XX century. A new order is seen from XIX when Turkey is getting back by reusing power to Balkans, Middle East and aiming Union with some states of common history.

China also is becoming power for deciding new order incoming World. New Asian Economic Zone where Australia, China, and other states will increase economic, technological, and space research in this alliance. Saudi Arabia is now under political order so conflict with Jemen is over. Now UAE, Bahrein, Qatar, Kuwait will breathe free from Saudis. Iraq is strengthening the government and new relation with Iran will bring common politics to the table. Egypt after the war with Israel in mid of XX century will weigh which relation will increase- economic and political curve. Russia seems is damaged by further sanctions and they will ask for help from old alliances and approaches to the Middle East. This approach will bring to Russia economic stability. Cold War or now Cold Peace is based on soft power politics.

2. But robots are future fighters for war even some drones with 500 grames weight are able to disable tanks and related machinery! So competition in robotics is decisive to keep the security of the state. The old slogan and project of the XX century for connecting other nations in Cosmos today we may consider is beginning. But unfortunately, old history in World is repeating with life consequences in the Middle East, Myanmar.