By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM

The EU with its secret reasoning and what lies behind it?! The international politics that distorted social life in the world under former President Trump left consequences in human life.  History does not forget and, it brings back to life the former powers that struck a balance in decades extended conflicts!

Apparently, the Covid-19 crisis was used as a political tool to win the election.  This happens everywhere by having no mercy on the victim’s life.  Economic statistics are used to reap victory for the political entity, by underestimating the economic crisis left by the pandemic.  Many countries in the World had financial deficits. It began in the US with former President Trump when it was clear that the pandemic would embrace the World by exception to communist China which has one-party politics.  Thanks to the rigorous measures, China managed to defeat the pandemic with several thousand victims, which was experienced earlier by the Sars disease in previous years.

Now, Mr. Biden and his military are accused of wrong withdrawal from Afghanistan, while the former Afghan president apologized to the people of Afghanistan for leaving the country by calling them from the UA-Emirates.  The US left heavy weapons with 200,000 Afghan soldiers trained to manage the war crisis!

As we know Mr. Biden overcame the political crisis in the country and he certainly made the primary decisions to protect the oldest democracy in the World.  High polarization in the US Congress complicates matters about implementing public projects. This influences the US to have a passive approach to international relations issues.

The UN, on the other hand, is spinning on possible armed escalations which are under the directives of the New York headquarter and, within the influence of states that have geopolitical interests in crisis regions.

The US absence in the conflict zones brought to the fore the former military power – Turkey.  It started both with NATO and the US by having disputes with Turkey over the military competencies in the Middle East.  Also, the status quo of the NATO alliance to support the members during the conflict, which event was happened with Turkey is nonsense! Consequently, taking into account of undermining obligation of NATO agreements with member states, has brought the change of the political relations of Turkey with Russia by stepping in the negotiation process. This happened during the time of former President Trump where the EU had a neutral stance. The EU maintains the same neutrality today because of its past history and relationship through centuries with Russia who was a political factor. The crisis in Bosnia continues for 30 years, as is Kosovo.  In this case, the Russian-Turkish talks must be a key choice because the EU does not like a conflict with the Russian Federation because of a lack of geostrategic position.

The Russian Federation has had an economic crisis with the Putin Doctrine since of trying to privatize state-owned companies which after 2010y. returns as boomerang by creating a vacuum in the establishment and continuation of the socialist economy, until today. China mitigates domestic political crises wisely and continues to maintain its socialist economy and corporate management rigorously.  Historically, it is not in the interest of Europe or the EU to see the Russian Federation reached the shores of the Adriatic. But the EU still is using dual policy for reducing conflict regions inside Europe!