By Blerim Abedini, Birmingham, United Kingdom-

We hear different rhetoric about corruption, but in any case, what resonates more with a person is individuality and not nationality, his ego to get rich at the expense of others, people who have no motivation for work, with low education, or with fake degrees, people who want to kill them, who stop them on their way to enrichment as well as other aspects generated by the former political-economic system, by inherited ones and psycho-social factors. 

From all of the above, the term “Modern Slavery” was born, which, for most, seems abstract and strange because this term does not have a place in the developed countries of the world, but the regulation against Modern Slavery is included within the production company. Above all, slavery is more present in North Korea, Latin America, Africa, and various Asian areas. 

She was returning to the source of the crisis from the Yugoslav War, which destroyed the economy of the Balkans as well as the strategic corridor of the Balkans that European traders used. With an unrenovated infrastructure of roads and railways and Balkan nationalism, it forced countries with developed economies to look for new markets for the import and export of goods for the continuation of industry and the supply of food goods.

The European Union considered it reasonable that the connection with Greece should be made through other countries as former members of the Soviet Union, but with careful steps so as not to awaken Russian nationalism, which to this day considers some countries in South Asia as autonomous provinces. Russia also an influences n the European states that were its former actors. 

The path of the European Union is difficult after the infiltration of corrupt persons in its institutions who gained the legal right to penetrate the countries outside the European Union such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, Norway, and some others. One of the member states that opposes the regulations of the European Union is Hungary, therefore the possibility of misuse of the right to free movement and the opening of corrupt businesses must originate from this country. 

As long as citizens of the European Union can freely penetrate non-EU member states, then the likelihood of corruption occurring is high. Abuse of duty by EU citizens in other non-member countries is huge. This brings up the issue of investigating corruption in the European Union that spreads the disease to other parts of the world, like Covid-19 that spread to all the continents of the world. 

Consequently, the term Modern Slavery and the regulation written for it should not have access to Europe because it is a feedback of European corruption, which originates from an individual with psycho-social disorders, by his soul to enrich himself at the price of others, by using personal traps. These people bring social unrest and use the moment to criticize the state institutions for this situation, creating euphoria and social unrest among the discriminated people. So, these corrupt people are indirect discriminators of society, who have made the preconditions for a chaotic state. 

While slavery in previous centuries was characterized by the sale of people as labor power, and then as the exploitation of their labor power with limited wages and food, today we have the same situation in the 21st century. So, the use of labor power, the acceleration of work for one hour with the threat of job loss, the programming of production machines for bigger speed for human work to achieve the greatest amount of production, the shortening of paying hours in work by side of the owner or other administrators to get rich in fast time.

The consequences, has its target to the workers who die from various diseases that are related to the severe working conditions such as working in extreme difficulty conditions, dirtiness in sleeping places as a result of hard work, poor nutrition, poor social life with the inability to visit recreational centers, etc. 

So, corruption or Modern Slavery lives at the expense of subjugated people who cannot complain to the institutions for workers’ rights, or to organizations for abusing the rights in work where the police forces have the right to intervene. Furthermore, workers have the right to request cases to the courts for discrimination in the work process. 
So, discrimination is an ancient tool of the corrupted people. They want to earn money from the reduction of transport(16 workers in one transport car), there are no hygiene services in the working toilets in vegetable fields(harvest workers), from cutting working hours in vegetable fields from workers can bring thousands of Dollars-Pounds-Euros, etc. Also speeding up of the work, under threats of firing from the job by the production enterprise, the prohibition of health services even though they are allowed by resident or non-resident states which give higher expenses for the production company, also physical discrimination by carrying heavy weights, etc. But thanks to the century of digitalization, today’s man can secretly make his complaints, and for that reason that the corrupt owner does not understand who has complained. Also, you can get information from the Internet about which drugs you can use to overcome serious health conditions, etc. 
So, as the transitional regime is continuing, we must show the finger and return to the political system that was led by autocrats and dictators in the last century. The political-economic system created people with psycho-social deficiencies (nostrums) to discriminate against working people like the devil.

The economic transition in the world is in the 33rd year (age) and, people still are discriminated against in the world. Governments are often blamed because they do not take measures against extreme climatic conditions, there is no reconstructed road and railway infrastructure, there is no watering for agriculture, there are no new recycling centers for household waste, excessive amounts of pesticides are used in the vegetable field that originates from public waste and unrecycled sewage infrastructure. 

So the age of Modern Slavery is 33 and stopping it depends on people of virtue and meritocracy who know how to lead the world! (ISSD-NM)