SELIM IBRAIMI- CENTER FOR SECURITY STUDIES AND DEVELOPMENT-MACEDONIA (CSSD) Macedonia with lack of media freedom and decline in professionalism- journalism standards has created a vacuum for spreading the ‘Fake News’ and with big impact for entire country. Before the Islamic State (IS) was created, political extremism in Macedonia was developingContinue Reading

By Selim Ibraimi-This article first was published on VISION POLITIC-independent research and analysis center. The trends of instability continue in the Balkans, and the political events in Macedonia are part of the information warfare. Diplomatic efforts to form a new government in Macedonia after the elections of last year haveContinue Reading

Nga Selim Ibraimi  – Qendra për Studime të Sigurisë dhe Zhvillim-Maqedoni (CSSD) Abstrakt  Zgjerimi i ri turk është duke kaluar nëpër vështirësitë dhe përvojat e së kaluarës historike të popujve të rajonit me Perandorinë Osmane. Disa forca nuk e duan këtë fuqizim e ca të tjerë e shohin këtë lëvizje nga këndiContinue Reading

By Selim Ibraimi- The Balkans remain the area of instability. Even though the security and stabilization has been improved since the 1999, the region fails back on current trends. Migration of Syrian refugees dramatically has change the Western Balkans and had direct impact on the feature of the region. Russia’s offensiveContinue Reading

By Selim Ibraimi-Center for Security Studies and Development-Macedonia-(CSSD) Abstract: Energy infrastructure is related to cyber-warfare. Cyber-warfare is an Internet-based conflict involving politically motivated attacks on information network systems. Cyberwarfare attacks can disable official websites and networks, disrupt or disable essential services, steal classified data, and cripple financial systems — amongContinue Reading

By Selim Ibraimi- Center for Security Studies and Development- Macedonia (CSSDM) Intro Tension and fear in Europe about Russia and Putin’s policies. Another concerns for EU and US is the Moscow’s intentions in Balkans. As if Europe didn’t have enough problems and crises, Serbs in the Republic of Srpska areContinue Reading

The CSSD founder Mr. Selim Ibraimi, participated in live debate organized by TV A 1 Report in Albania. How to counter extremism and what to do with radicalization of population in the Balkans? Experts also have discuss the current trends, regional geopolitics and Russian interests in the region.Continue Reading

By Selim Ibraimi- Center for Security Studies and Development (CSSD) The state security dilemma for the Balkan states lies in the tendency of governments to go back in history. Alliances have an important and center role in Balkan politics. States and governments seems that don’t want progress, membership on NATOContinue Reading