SELIM IBRAIMI- Will the government of Zoran Zaev and  Ali Ahmeti (II) be reformist? Today is the third day since Zoran Zaev and Ali Ahmeti announced the news that they will form a joint government. Some were happy and some were not. The United States, as is well known, played a key role in forming the government, bringing together again Ahmeti and Zaev due to stability and Russian influence.

The United States is powerless against Russia in the Balkans and in N. Macedonia in the field of disinformation, and so far it is not immune because it has not found local actors from civil and non-civil associations who would fight against Moscow in N. Macedonia. Therefore, the only way left for the State Department and the US Embassy in Skopje, is to influence the formation of a pro-American and European coalition.

Now, let’s focus on how reformist this government will be. The DUI has introduced some names for Zaev’s new government, but the list contains old names of Ahmeti’s policies with a weak reputation in the electorate. While SDSM has to some extent updated the list with new names. Without external pressure, the Zaev-Ahmeti (II) government cannot be called reformist.

Other parties participating in this coalition do not have a vision in the fight for justice and the rule of law, so SDSM and DUI will guide them. How much pro-real reforms a government can be, this can be clearly seen from the ‘DNA’ of the proposed political profiles.

In the fall, the government has a lot of work to do and not only that, the opening of the chapter with EU will take years and the government needs clean people to lead integration processes and diplomacy with neighboring countries. (ISSDMaqedonia-@CSSDMacedonia)