BY SELIM IBRAIMI- The leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Ali Ahmeti said that he is open to a vetting at all levels of the state, an idea that he has proposed earlier. This is to be welcomed and should be supported. The Albanian opposition has also demanded such a filtering of individuals who aim for high positions and those who want to be employed in the courts. But the question is who should do this vetting?

The judicial bodies of Northern Macedonia have so far been unable to do such a filtering of individuals, as the courts are politically, ethnically charged and have a certain dose of government influence. It was the Special Prosecution Office that had a role to play in anti-corruption and organized crime, supported by the US and the EU, but failed to close any cases due to the political, government and corruption allegations of the Special Prosecution Office themselves. This Prosecution disappeared and left no trace for future proceedings of any vetting.

Now that the new government list has been proposed, the vetting for these ministers is too late. After 2024 it will probably be able to enter this process so important and necessary for Macedonia. Otherwise Northern Macedonia has a judiciary dependent on politics and strong individuals affiliated with political parties. As it is known, lawsuit has been filed against politicians and senior government officials in Macedonia since Gruevski resign from the government but without any final decision for all cases covering the years 2008 -2020. (@CSSDMacedonia)