Transformation of education in transition period

Blerim Abedini- Institute for Security Studies and Development, (ISSD-NM)

University of Tetovo of 1994 began with subjects left from Yugoslavia as parallelism with Cyril and Metody study programs in Skopje. Albania in 1990 had understanding for new era, which has to embrace, as it was western work of universities and their appropriate subjects. Careerism has played huge part for keeping socialism study subjects in Tetovo University. Russian influence through Belgrade to Skopje aimed to protect old communism system by putting fingers in education system.

University of Tetovo in first academic year of establishing was so confused. Time when socialist background will touch transition platform to capitalism. Already subjects from communist era were repeated during classes of Economic Politics.

We heard many matters from high school about theory of Marx and Engels and famous saying of dialectic materialism. After starting the process of privatization in 90’s with small companies, those big, allready state companies began to lose control over managing. Subjects of Marxism were already listening in University of Tetovo for keeping right of workers against capitalist owner.

In compare to today’s USHT, University of Tirana had accredited new study programs as those western like Business Administration, Economics in 1990. Therefore, until 2000 year, University of Tetovo will have Russian hybrid  impact for study programs, which was also occurred in Cyril and Methody in Skopje as main state education center with pro-communist methodology.

Year 2001-2002 is coming with new pack from Europe and Indiana University from US of America. New beginning with new practiced subjects those were hard to implement in old mentalities of Balkans professors. Many of older professors as we know had studied subjects and methodology from socialist sources and within parts from Western subjects due to gratitudes of  president Tito politics which had huge impact to block Stalinian regime.

New wind and era from 2002 year of western climate brought to students easier subjects. New approach of successful implementation of knowledge for tired minds from Communism philosophy. Older professors accepted many time later this challenge and we paid it in democracy when people without politics experience brought country in the edge of destruction. Therefore, we were late with political reforms and university reforms.

Students were spirit’s voice of full cafeterias who without saving their money opened heart to meet each other in new face of life. Students were as strong against brutality of police as stonewall that brought more emotions to defend their classes. People’s humanisms by helping studies with their properties was new beginning every time when we felt as losers in the beginning of 1995 year.

I thought to express my emotions too, by remembering  John Kennedy time, which was my presentation for his presidential campaign, in SEE University with professor from United States as visiting. As I stood, President Kennedy tried to open trade in the international level, which was not well for Russians. He tried to make World free due to trade that in a word was big project as competion between nations. By killing him, as new documents released also during Donald Trump presidency, World still is trying to realize Kennedy’s project and remember him. Therefore, by him capitalism or communism was not matter, if trade would come between these two divided economic societies.

Again, history will remind us what is uncompleted, every time if there is gap left by troubling minds.

Anyway, I have honor to those who sacrificed their life before police brutality of Macedonian Interior Ministry. Man who put his life many time in the edge of police brutality was Rector Fadil Sulejmani, by leaving him alone in the midnight time throughout streets in Skopje.