By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-North Macedonia

Trade differences are indicators for progress change attributed to member states of the European Union as are Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Croatia. Other non-EU countries in the Balkans have low trade exchanges with the EU except Serbia. Trade exchange data obtain a period of time from 2010 until 2021 year.

Export- Albania to EU ( in euro ) 15.511.045.615
Export- Bosnia to EU 41.851.289.433
Export- Bulgaria to EU166.408.145.284
Export- Croatia to EU81.488.213.731
Export- Greece to EU155.039.123.733
Export- Kosovo to EU1.531.772.660
Export- Montenegro to EU2.444.472.149
Export- N. Macedonia to EU42.896.611.101
Export- Romania to EU446.307.843.381
Export- Serbia to EU100.383.596.445
Import- Albania from EU ( in euro ) 30.289.475.171
Import- Bosnia from EU59.319.506.218
Import- Bulgaria from EU188.111.307.763
Import- Croatia from EU164.404.718.255
Import- Greece from EU129.898.601.002
Import- Kosovo from EU11.132.881.531
Import- Montenegro from EU11.619.698.788
Import- N. Macedonia from EU43.612.450.322
Import- Romania from EU595.323.231.015
Import- Serbia from EU144.598.316.066

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