By Selim Ibraimi -Albanians in Northern Macedonia do not have good options which party to vote in the July 15 elections. Critics say that this is the fruit of the work and unrealistic projects of Ahmeti’s DUI and other parties that have been in power. Besa of Mr. Kasami in coalition with SDSM of Zoran Zaev will try to divert voters from DUI, Alliance of Albanians and DPA to their field. Whether they will succeed remains to be seen. The aim of coalition is to create an advantage over VMRO-DPMNE and an unfavorable situation for VMRO and DUI to form the next government.

SDSM, Besa and Alliance of Albanians could form the next government with former prime minister Zoran Zaev, without forgetting the DPA of Mr. Thaci, which could join the group lead by SDSM. Sela may join the coalition but, knowing that their personal relationships and political rivalries with Kasami and Zaev, are unlikely Sela to join the SDSM. But here is a key player the Alternativa who has good relations with former prime minister Zaev and from here Sela’s doors to the government can be opened as they are in pre-election coalition with Afrim Gashi’s Alternativa.

Some sources say that the new government will be considered stable if VMRO of Kristian Mickovski and DUI of Ali Ahmeti agree to form a government, but this time is unknown which party will remain out of game. However, the new coalition will be difficult to form, as the DUI is divided on which party to form a coalition with and whether it will be given the opportunity to take the key direction in negotiations for the new government. Ahmeti’s positions are shaky and he does not have the same power as before and his reputation is declining.

Everything is possible in Northern Macedonia, as we have many unknowns and the ratio of forces is such that it is built. However, we will have a winner and a new government, which must deal with an increase in cases of COVID-19 infections and a high number of deaths.