By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM.

The Omicron virus as the last one will suicide by last “crime”! What after the pandemic? Trade liberalization, improvement of the citizen standard, reopening of hotel services and similarities are expected; The climate crisis, however, continues to devastate areas such as around the coast, inland, followed by extreme temperatures(above 50°C); Other natural disasters that will come after increasing of ocean waters, will also rise migration of the population to safer places, as well as migration from drought lands, by flooding, by coastal homes and facilities, etc. Also, economic migration due to unemployment impacts the concentration of the population in a developed states. There is still fear for new wars, which some state leaders are using as a tool to hide internal political crises by rising voice of populism. Democratic systems tend to grow economically as opposed to socialist ones which are challenged with strict measures for reforms in the economy. The trade is a hidden hand that balances West-East relations. The crises that have arisen in some countries have intentionally brought democracy to a certain population. Kazakhstan was liberated from an unsuccessful coup of Nazarbayev (Nur-Sultan) who is known as the richest man in the state. Sudan was liberated from the epic dictator but the military is continuing with regime’s measures. The new Israeli government is free by the dictator Netanyahu, whose corruption’s trials continue. By establishing new relations with UA-Emirates, Turkey, and returning Palestinians to their ancestor’s homes, the new government is taking steps forward to stability in the Middle East. Ukraine aims for NATO membership which will define the EU’s compact borders. Great Britain, Canada, Turkey, the United States and others, are states of the rescue mission and possible negotiators with Russia. Also, NATO members assist with military equipment, weaponry, and training of Ukrainian soldiers. But after all, the world is facing a bigger crisis than war. Climate change has not allies states. Rising temperatures up to 50°C in Australia, as well as in the coming summer season in the North hemisphere, will break the balance of the ecosystem followed by increased rainfalls. Many countries will face drought and the destruction of agricultural products. Companies refuse to put cleaners for their CO2 emission because of high cost. Global meetings on climate change have a small impact and experts with good proposed solutions are despised by the political leadership for supporting their projects. The world is in a big turn and natural disasters are unpredictable!