The DOS position on Vucic “victory” should also concern others in the region who await elections

By Arsim Zekolli- The U.S. State Department’s acceptance of Aleksandar Vucic’s victory obtained through vote import, media intimidation, and mass corruption has taken opposition Serbia by surprise. Still, it should also concern the others in the region who await elections.

Maybe the word ‘surprise’ is inadequate to describe the strange criteria of the US State Department. Many in Serbia found it amusing, pleasing even, when the same State Department diplomats were doing their utmost to undermine, sanction, humiliate, and even outright overthrow the Kurti Government, inventing arguments and spearheading spy-ops campaign against the legitimate and popular Prime Minister of Kosova. Some understood this as a warning of a danger that would affect others as well, some thought that this was solely Kosova-tailored swindling of criteria by US diplomats.

US position on “welcoming the opportunity to continue working with Serbia’s next government to strengthen democratic governance and the rule of law, and advance regional stability“ is a nicely worded message that can be only translated as “we wanted to continue with devils we know; Serbia and rest of region are overly inferior to understand democracy and deserve nothing better; as long as you don’t kill each other, we are fine with whoever hoodlum and gangster lead you”. And this is a message not just for Serbia but also for the whole Western Balkans.

Elections in Serbia, the general situation in Serbia is identical to one in Albania and almost a copy-paste version of Nikola Gruevski’s rule in Macedonia. Including the vote-import phenomenon, as Gruevski imported votes of Macedonians from Pustec village (in Albania), just as Vucic did with Serb votes from Bosnia. Some in Skopje were staging Kumanovo attacks, and some in Belgrade staged Banjska attack.

Protests in Macedonia against Gruevski came after the public started turning angry at the US, and EU pampering of autocracy with “great expectations and false reports”. It is naive to expect anything else in Belgrade, Tirana but abandoning false hope in elections and resorting to street and mass protests to overthrow western-sponsored gangsterism.