Kosovo, a state captured by senior politicians, has entered into a new legal crisis

BY SELIM IBRAIMI- Kosovo, a state captured by senior politicians, has entered into a new legal crisis. The group of parties (LDK, AAK and NISMA, etc.) that overthrew the government of  the current incumbent Prime Minister Albin Kurti, today received the mandate from President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi. Mr. Avdullah Hoti has been mandated by the LDK and accepted by the president.

Sending the case to the Constitutional Court will not change relations in Kosovo, but it is likely to strain the relations between the VV (Vetëvendosja) and the new government mandated by the President. An agreement between President Thaçi and Serbian President Aleksander Vucic is expected to be signed, but it is not yet known what the agreement, backed by U.S. special envoy for the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue, Ambassador Richard Grenell, contains.

The new agreement, could bring a confrontation between the local population, politicians who disagree with the deal, and the forces that support it. A final agreement between Kosovo must be reached and it must be stable and acceptable to all sides. Avoiding war crimes is likely to further strain Kosovo’s internal political relations.

Many analysts think that Washington, as the main mediator, by avoiding European Union, has created a rift between the allies. It is still unclear what Washington really wants with this swift agreement. The coming months will be crucial for Kosovo, Serbia and the US diplomacy in the Balkans. (ISSDMaqedonia-@CSSDMacedonia) #Analysis  

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