By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM

We are witnessing successive scams via the Internet as a continuation of classic crime. Through Internet crime, the profit is greater than the drug trade, human trafficking, and examples from the last century when the Internet dominated only in the USA. Integration in the Internet network is an imperative of the time and it enables the man of this century to perform services in the shortest possible time. Also, the possibility of fraud is great if we ignore the protection against these cyber attacks. Illegal transactions through national banks, participate in profit sharing with cybercriminals. Around the world, multi-ethnic cybercriminal networks are created, they have the ability to steal money, bitcoins-crypto-currencies, and deposit them in a fraudulent bank that in most cases is located in countries with a strong regime. The forms of infiltration into society are different, starting with anti-government propaganda from foreign countries by sponsoring the media, and then spreading like an infection as are cyber hacker groups.

So the communication between hackers who are supported by the resident country and those who are not supported by their own country which is living in the USA, Spain, Germany, Turkey, and elsewhere creates multiple groups that attract $ 7 trillion (according to the statistics of 2022) or 2% of the GDP of the world. This scheme grows in a pyramidal form by creating sophisticated fraud methods such as hosting of expensive web pages, blocking web pages of multinational companies, demanding rewards for not publishing company and customer data on the internet, attacking personalities in the world, etc. It can be concluded that regime states that support cyber hackers accelerate cybercrime in the world as well as newly created groups on opposite sides that will fight crimes by protecting, blocking, or discovering their addresses. 

Apparently, the fight against these groups by some known programs such as Mcafee, Kaspersky, AVG, etc., is not yet expressed fully by people who use the Internet for online payments such as electricity, payment of various documents, courses that are offered online,  online products, etc. The price of protection services from mentioned protection software programs varies from 20 to 100 dollars annually

Although world-famous banks can return the amount of money taken by cyber hackers, the small banks still have no opportunity to return them due to their small capital. So, global integration goes hand in hand with democratization to liberalize governments to be part of the global market. Economies are reflected through stock exchanges in order to have an overview of the efficiency of their economy directly on the Internet. So we have to keep in mind that everything starts with foreign-installed anti-government propaganda, until creating of cybercriminal groups.