In Washington, economic agreements could lead to future territorial shifts

Analysis by Selim Ibraimi- Kosovo-Serb-mediated talks have begun in Washington. National Security Adviser Robert O’ Brian and Special Envoy for Kosovo and Serbia Richard Grenell are finalizing economic agreements between Serbia and Belgrade.

Kosovo Prime Minister Avdulla Hoti said that they are close to an agreement and this is a step towards the final. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said there was no talk of Serbia recognizing Kosovo and dismissed voices saying the United States were putting pressure on Belgrade.

Based on the political dynamics in Washington and the Balkans, the United States through an economic agreement will create the infrastructure for a final Serb-Kosovo agreement. If the strategic lake “Ujmani” and “Trepca” become part of the agreement in Washington, this could precede gradual changes to future territorial exchanges, when a different atmosphere will be created.

The Serbian economic empowerment and the continuation of Serbia’s domination through economy and exports will be Serbia’s triumph from the talks in Washington. The Kosovar delegation seemed overly optimistic about the economic agreements to be signed, but it was unclear whether implementation would be realistic and possible.

The United States intends to reach some agreements before November but without having any idea of ​​the consequences and the new imbalance they may create between the nations of the Balkans. US President Donald Trump is reported to be attending a meeting with leaders from the Balkans. Several billion US dollars in investments in the region have also been announced. (ISSDMaqedonia- @CSSDMacedonia)


[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]Selim Ibraimi is an Albanian-American international politics analyst and researcher on Balkan affairs. He graduated in Journalism (BA). He holds a master’s degree in International Relations (MA) from Webster University, Scott Air Force Base in the United States. Selim Ibraimi is a PhD student in Political Science at the South East European University in Tetovo, N. Macedonia. He lives and works in the United States and N. Macedonia. He is the Director of the Institute for Security Studies and Development – Macedonia (ISSD). Ibraimi is the author of several books and publications on the Balkans. “The Cold Peace” (10 years of geopolitical reconfigurations in the Balkans) -2016. “The Territory of Silent War” (New Trends and Dynamics in Southeast Europe) -2018. -The Decisive Battle (The Plague of the border changes in the Balkans) -2019[/box]