By Selim Ibraimi – US attack helicopters have landed in Sarajevo yesterday as a manifestation of US presence in the Balkans.

1. From the Tirana to Budapest route, the latest “Apache” helicopters landed in Sarajevo in a tense political and ethnic situation.

Serbian leader Miodrak Dodik announced recent efforts to break up the “Republika Srpska” from federation. The Dodik initiative has received support from Serbia. Separation efforts are being made at a time when US-assisted Kosovo and Serbia on the verge of launching final negotiations on normalizing relations between the two states.

Three agreements signed between Pristina and Belgrade in 2020 show that Americans are interested in the region, but seperating Bosnian internal issues from Kosovo’s problems with Serbia.

2. While the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina demands comprehensive reform of its functioning or ethnic breakdown, Kosovo urges Washington not to make its territory and sovereignty part of the new Serbian-Kosovo agreement. State Department envoy Mathew Palmer has said the options are open to both parties and that both sides must agree on the content. Now, the US must keep the fragile states together as  a way to act in time without sending additional military troops.

The “Balkan Initiative” is moving together with the other “Three Seas Initiative” (3SI) to prevent Russian-Chinese influence in Central and Southeast Europe.

The largest military exercise in Poland (DEFENDER) since the end of the Cold War will also take place very soon as strategy to counter adversaries.Washington seems to be preparing for a Europe and the Balkans with new allies. Where do Albanians and other nations of the Balkans belongs in this global US reconfiguration ?! (@CSSDMacedonia)