Was Brexit a good decision?!

By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM, Birmingham, United Kingdom- Seems, we are long time away from any possible compound between UK and EU. Now EU is melting pot as it calls Americans. Still, Russian language is communication, used between ex-Soviet Union states who are EU member states. Still propaganda is learned well how to trap good people. So, EU needs more time to manage its ‘garbage’s’ created by mismanagement and corruption. So, still world is supporting US as believed friend. Th EU is far from keeping promise due to convulsions in her body!
Due to economic collaboration between EU and UK many anti UK groups are inside borders. UK is staying quit, but consequences may show high price!
Economic compromise may cost high price to government which like to include free movement of EU citizens to UK. So, by becoming EU member state things are not good as many one is claiming that. EU is union like United Nations assembly and reforms within it are going slow.
UK is staying quit until enemy is found which is coming from ex-Soviet Union. How much will extend propaganda of ex-communist union depends on EU and its political initiatives to find corrupted and supportive hand of propaganda.
So, by Brexit consequences are political due to alliance of UK with US. In other side EU is trying to hide itself from Russian influence without serious approach to this issue.