BY SELIM IBRAIMI 1. The current US administration differs from the others for some reasons and let start first some media information that cites sources of the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI) part of DIA  which say for the early intelligence announcements of “Novel coronavirus -Covid-19” will also strike the United States, and in the end the same information that came from the Chinese city by US intelligence officers where the virus broke out, has been ignored by US policymakers.

2. While the second moment has to do with the Kosovo-Serbia relations, the overthrow of the government of Albin Kurti and the role of mediator Richard Grenell. An agreement between Serbia and Kosovo is needed anyway. But at this time of turbulence in Washington, it is the responsibility of Kosovo’s politicians to assess when and how the historic agreement should be. Albanian pro-Americanism has nothing to do with and should not be associated with the acceptance of agreements that provide favors and superiority to other states in the Balkans to be hegemonic against other states or peoples in Southeast Europe. The balance of power must prevail in the Balkans.(ISSDMaqedonia-@CSSDMacedonia)