By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM, London
The last decades are times of turbulences that reflect the crucial socio-economic events of the last century. Such trends, known from the last century, are defocusing today’s man from true values. The synergy that directs social developments towards the stable epicenter causes some periodical deformations.

Although we still do not have wars of destruction on a large scale, on the contrary, we have temporary wars with the effect of reducing and blocking social well-being. The world economy from the last century, parallel with the political developments, has deviated from the planned growth at an average scale, which is a consequence of dividing the world into market economies by the side of political elites. On the other hand, after political and economic changes, a ‘nuance of highlighted color’ was created in the century we live in, as digitalization enabled information to penetrate to all corners of the world.

This trend of “ad-hoc switching” in the social events has a counter effect as is “zero-switching”. Similar to the electrics which are flowing in the circuit depending on the positions: one and zero. Thus, the rapid flow of information has influenced the acceleration and, at the same time by holding extreme events in desired level. Newton’s theory of action and reaction has a similar explanation of it even it’s belonging to physics subject. The Yugoslav War which in comparison to the previous century’s Balkan Wars, had a centralized government for leading the military activity with the final intentions, to bring bigger aleances in the Balkan Peninsula. The Middle East and Afghanistan wars compared to the last century wars, have many common features but with increased religious influences.

This increased religious influence is imported from ex-Soviet Union(so called state’s protectionism) which has been absent from Communism for many decades, due to defocusing of faith(religious beliefs) to the members of the Communist Party as well as a relative effort towards the lower class. The Third World states in Asia, Africa and Europe have taken these religious repressions seriously, as attempt to broke spiritual life in their societies. Is known that religion has been among the communist party’s initiatives for strict control over a third part of the global surface (or third part of the global population) which has produced a ‘spiritual’ vacuum in our century with the great influx of information received from the Internet as increase and decrease of emotional feels.
With the change of V. Putin’s political course, as a deviation from the policies of former presidents, there was also an attempt to limit the decision-making of business people(residents) in the global market and to ignore the political-economic path established by Michael Gorbachev. This discourse will increase political influence in the former Soviet Union states, which were stuck with parliamentary reforms, with evident corruption and nepotism.

The conflict or war in the Middle East, depending on decisions of nepotic leadership, represents a Herculean task on each side to protect people from suffering. It has deep roots in political nepotism and later continued as deep corruption, extended to the branches of privileged army which are acting ‘behind the scene’. Anyway, information flux is so fast, which in time of digitalised world has enabled a person or group of people to gather more information about specific issue than knows president of the state or official leadership who are managing political issues. So, it is a result of tracking on the Internet about important issues or topics for common public stories. Today, an Asian knows more about the history of Europe and a European has a better understanding of the Asian market. Language with the help of the Internet is not more a communication barrier, but software that enables cultural diversity and meeting on topics within mutual interest in today’s world.

London, October, 2023: Photo by Blerim Abedini