Pristina need to work on different foreign policy strategy to face Serbia and convince the US for a better final deal

Comment by Selim Ibraimi- Belgrade from now is a leading power in the Balkans and the United States has taken a different approach regarding the regional powers. Seems like Serbia will represent United States strategic goals in the region in the next decade and this policy will cover financial / economy agreements. Also the US policy has decided to protect Western values against China and Russia in the heart of Belgrade. The diplomacy of Truman and Kennedy is blowing in the Balkans.

The Kosovo relations with Serbia will be determined on how Serbia will work on strategic issues after the Washington agreement.
Because of the geopolitical position of world powers, after the agreement in the Washington a difficult time is ahead for Pristina. Kosova must work hard to achieve the goals of protecting territorial integrity.

It will be hard for Kosova to do more, because of  internal divisions. Pristina need to work on different foreign policy strategy to face Serbia and convince any US administration for a better final deal with Serbia. (@CSSDMacedonia)

Selim Ibraimi is an Albanian-American international politics analyst and researcher on Balkan affairs. He graduated in Journalism (BA). He holds a master’s degree in International Relations (MA) from Webster University, Scott Air Force Base in the United States. He lives and works in the United States and N. Macedonia. He is the Director of the Institute for Security Studies and Development – Macedonia (ISSD). Ibraimi is the author of several books and publications on the Balkans. “The Cold Peace” (10 years of geopolitical reconfigurations in the Balkans) -2016. “The Territory of Silent War” (New Trends and Dynamics in Southeast Europe) -2018. -The Decisive Battle (The Plague of the border changes in the Balkans) -2019.