BY SELIM IBRAIMI – The division of society in Northern Macedonia continues. The presidential campaign is showing how far is building a society for all citizens. A significant number of  ethnic Albanians of Northern Macedonia supported by political parties (DUI, DPA and ALTERNATIVE) are ready to vote for the government candidate Mr. Stevo Pendarovski, while the vast majority of the ethnic Macedonian citizens will vote on ethnocentric bases.

Inter-ethnic separation and mistrust are dominating the presidential campaign, which is unlikely to increase ethnic cohesion in Northern Macedonia.

The concept for a “Republic for All” promoted by the presidential candidate Mr.Blerim Reka, is seen by the government as a competition to the concept of “Society for All”, which in Northern Macedonia in long run my produce a bigger interethnic problems.

Both presidential concepts brought in light the serious obstacles that Northern Macedonia faces, especially the Albanian-Macedonian relations, which do not show any serious progress. The ethnic fear will continue to be part of the identity politics in Northern Macedonia.

(ISSDMaqedonia- @ CSSDMacedonia)