By Selim Ibraimi- American diplomat Gabriel Escobar arrived in North Macedonia with a difficult task to convince opposition leaders to vote on constitutional changes. The Macedonian opposition has said that the pressures will not succeed. The US and the EU have been very clear about Macedonian identity, but VMRO-DPMNE wants more guarantees. In this situation, Ecobar and the government parties must work on another strategy. Constitutional changes need some time, as relations among political parties are not in favor of reaching the 80th number. What the government in Skopje should do is, disband the European Front, and then, as far as possible, enter into talks with the MPs to possibly vote on the constitutional changes. This process takes time and a well-prepared plan. The visit of American diplomat Gabriel Escobar to Skopje is precisely about the out-of-view plan on how to vote on the changes and how to find 10 more votes. The plan is believed to be implemented by credible figures. In case the numbers are not reached, it remains to dissolve the parliament and announce quick elections, where another parliamentary composition would be in charge of constitutional changes. This is probably the most stable option for North Macedonia, considering the disagreements among the Macedonians. Despite Escobar's efforts, constitutional changes during 2023 seem impossible, however 2024 may find North Macedonia with a new constitution as provided for in the agreement with Bulgaria. It is important during this time, that Skopje's foreign and security policy to stay in line with that of the EU and not that of Serbia. So, the delays of the constitutional changes would not affect the security of the country. But, for this there must be a clear position, especially for the domestic opinion. American diplomacy with Escobar in charge, should also create another climate of better understanding of the American position for constitutional changes to be made in 2024. As for the Albanians and the removal of 20%, it seems that DUI of Ali Ahmeti and Alliance of Albanians do not have serious demand, as they are currently working for Macedonian identity and state inside and outside. They have declared that better times will come for Albanians.

Ibraimi holds a Ph.D. in Political Sciences from SEEU, a MA in International Relations from Webster University, Scott Air Force Base, IL, United States and BA in Journalism from the University of Tirana, Albania