Continuity of global conflicts

By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM The continuation of armed conflicts in the today’s world partially is a reflection of political instability by economic transition of world’s economy. In this way, breaching of national and international regulations have powered continuous escalation of regional conflicts which give instability to the whole world. The retrospective of the events clarifies that, still political factor serves with disinformation to gain political points among the voting electorate.
It is no coincidence that citizens will accept a political program, which time of implementation has domino effect for provoking political subjects with irrelevant accusations about promised project.
If we go back for two decades, we will find that political representatives in different parts of the world have made mistakes that later have been punished by citizens during political elections. From 2000, we have non-sincere political decisions due to political irresponsibility. Among them we will mention the military intervention in Iraq that introduced the Middle East into a sad war with massacres and torture against both citizens and other actors. Even after two decades there is no complete stability in the Middle East, taking into account the constant crises in Syria where rebellion groups have not forgotten the dead caused by Syrian leader and his aggression. Occasionally, conflicts at the southeastern border of Turkey, which for two decades count large casualties on people on the Kurd and Turkish nationals that is influenced by Midle-East crisis. Additional, Russian intervention in the Middle East as collaborator of Syrian regime, has left many casualties to the rebellion groups in Syria as well as extreme groups. There is evidence for fighting without respect of the legal conventions for wars. Afterwards, consequently we have the transmission of extreme groups from Afghanistan to the Middle East (Iraq and Syria) as the basis for further action on other continents such are Europe, North America and Africa. We saw smart political tools(deceptive) by political opponents for winning elections, for example when content of Mrs. Hillary’s email was decoded. Also, after 2016 year, during presidency Mr. Trump, he had courage to enter in North Korea(apparently that is not problematic), and later has proposed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as a project for peace in the Middle East which now is source of producing political crises. Furthermore, he embargoed Chinese products(acted as a company director) by bringing the national and global economy like those in the post-war crisis. He removed the tax from rich businesspeople and de factored the middle class as a progressive force of the national economy.
It should be emphasized that this global conflict occurs at the time of transition of the world economy where the political aspect is also decisive for the escalation or de-escalation of internal and external situations. Many states with political and economic instability as Russia, who has deviation from transition path with rescue decision to re-unify federation. Consequently, Russia has lost many companies globally and now is looking for natural resources of gases for keeping own market in conditional stage. China is playing good as economic actor with real perspectives for raising its economy and political influence in Africa, Europe and America. Anyway, bureaucracy among Chinese party is evident by denomination of businesspeople who are against government’s political path (Communist doctrine). But China will not leave US to lead the World alone, whose political elites are criticizing Mr. Biden’s for supporting of Israel. This conflict occurs second time in Biden’s administration as previous bombardment left Gaza with many consequences. So, previous war in Gaza has shown genocidal steps by bombarding hospitals and civil targets which is happening again. So, irresponsible political decisions led to victims in people, which then led to irresponsible electorates, which furthermore will bring to power people with dubious backgrounds in public life. We are seeing that corrupted political elites are continuously gaining leadership as Netanyahu is one of them. Even, justice institutions are weakened in Israel, which is giving access to Netanyahu for breaching national and international law. So, the weak political decisions of the key factors(actors ) in the global politics led to long crises in the World, which is continuing to these days. Is time, when Biden is facing presidential contest and possible downturn in elections according to electoral pools! Anyway, in some states government crises is continuing with years without possibility to elect president and other state’s bodies. We have seen political crises in Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Israel, which is disease that could spread all over World. Surely this is an appeal from the citizens that they are not toys for political votes. The people are tough enough to feel for possible promise which is fake!