Carrying of the historical values

By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM, Birmingham, United Kingdom-
It seems security is the most valuable thing in a person, left behind through walking as a resident or non-resident. Being a resident of the state in the recent region, the dubious security you have created brings confusion and loss of comfort by accusing the political officials of such a situation. Also, non-resident guest or worker is not protected by the state guards for breaking the law by stepping into the non-resident state because of coming consequences and the need for cultural recognition replaced in the land of a different color.
So, the century we left behind brought many challenges in today’s time. An unhidden luggage on the descendants must be corrected or lightened by reason to avoid penalties in money context or in the physical strength. The culture and education developed over centuries is a synonym for a quick adaptation to a living environment, or a cohabitation performance that you need to achieve as necessary recognition from residents who will encounter your culture and education from a historical point of view.

So, an uncompromising ‘war’ that brings multi-ethnic cohabitation into question is evaluated furthermore by officials of non-resident states. Here, among others, language as a mediation tool and communication tool is your guard in every event of your day that, creates positive or somewhat more positive evaluations.

One of the most spoken languages in the world is English, and this is only accepted fully by the youth of our generation in daily life and activities. But is amazing when I hear English pronunciation by elder non-residents who, are on the same path as the young generation as good influencers for advancing the required process. The primary factor over here, as hidden in our conscience is technology that time has been brought or replaced for the advancement and for the language ‘light for future time. Here, we see the power of microchip which is the property of appropriate residents and almost destroyed many economic, political, and social state weaknesses because, of their ability and security that is guaranteed over sky on the ground.

Also, the same subject is playing an important role in moving of these states as the guardians of the new century. Those, who embraced its influence soon will begin, to develop military, manufacturing and public services with additional technology seen in their resident state. So, followers of this process will enter the new century with a big step, being sincere and sworn, for the protection of dignity in the new geographical meridian within time or somewhere as followers behind the time. The older generations based on their experience are helping us to strength our cultural and educational values. So, we are proud of them as history is proud of us! Go, soldier.