Ahmeti must put an end to the nepotistic policies of appointing individuals to government

BY SELIM IBRAIMI-The leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Ali Ahmeti will leave for The Hague this week. The media reported that upon his return he will deal with the appointment of DUI deputy ministers and directors in Zoran Zaev’s government.
Now some mistakes Ahmeti made with the appointment of more than 80 percent of the same individuals in the new government taking into account the experience of some in government.

But, now there will be no additional excuses if he continues to appoint the same people only from the close circle of the party, not taking professional people and who are not with him, and then we have nothing new to talk about  Ahmeti’s new party policies .

Now is the time Ahmeti to prove it because trips abroad always produce new visions and plans. It will be humiliating if Ahmeti continues to make successive mistakes and ultimately interpret the same decisions as necessary and in the national interest. Before opening the chapters with the EU, not only the government but also the new ministers and leaders must reflect and put an end to nepotism policies. (@CSSDMacedonia)

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