By Selim Ibraimi– Explosions heard throughout Ukraine are the beginning of Russian occupation. The president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, announced the attack on a television appearance on Thursday. He said the military operation would be “limited”. The US, NATO, EU, G7, and UN have condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine.

This could be a large-scale operation, setting new borders in the middle of Ukraine by Russian military troops. The US and allied forces, in the event of an escalation of the conflict, will be forced to land on Ukrainian territory in an effort to prevent the partition and total occupation of Ukraine by Russia. The most optimistic version that could be discussed by the Great Powers is the division of Ukraine into the Russian and western spheres, to prevent new blood between two fighting forces in Europe since World War II.

The other scenario ‘announced ‘by the Ukrainian ambassador in London is for Ukraine to remain neutral.

The most difficult action for all remains for the possibility of the US and NATO entering into a direct war with Russia. US President Biden has rejected such a thing. But is likely that “PROXY” clashes between the Americans and the Russians in Ukraine and beyond, also remain a new reality.

Photo: OI Canadian

Ukraine forces are also equipped with modern weapons by the US and NATO and this could be an obstacle for Russian forces. Russia has been punished by international sanctions since 2014, with the invasion of Crimea. The latest measures taken by the US, UK, EU, and other countries are one of the toughest.

(24.2.2022) 5:14 AM

Mr. Ibraimi hold a Ph.D. in Political Sciences