SELIM IBRAIMIOne hundred years ago the American century had just begun. Britain, France, Germany and Russia were exhausted and broken by the First World War.
Only America, despite the Spanish Influenza that engulfed the globe, emerged victorious from its commitment at the end of the war, and at the same time climbed to the top of the global scene as world dominant power.
The United States managed to establish the first pillars of the League of Nations and the international liberal order, although not a member of the League due to restrictions by the Senate.

The global economic crisis and World War II, made America and its people even stronger. American rays of freedom were spreading to post-war Europe and new threats from the Soviets were visible to all nations of Europe. It was red corn, flour, whole milk and food from the United States that went daily to the shores of Western Europe, Yugoslavia and other countries around the globe to keep the population alive.

One hundred years later, the United States is facing a pandemic crisis like the rest of the world, but not the Chinese who want a multipolar world, or in short, a Chinese world. Imagine what the international situation might look like under the Chinese hoof. Here’s this situation we can imagine and we can test from afar and close every day how it can be. We do not need a world order under Chinese leadership.

The United States is facing a decisive decade, the presidential election will define the direction of the American century. In all scenarios, the American people, and the entire progressive world, will one day pass this state, imposed from the outside actors. The threat of biological warfare will remain.
The second American century will begin soon, and let us not be afraid of a Chinese rule that tries to be imposed on us as a way of life and governance.

Do not be fooled by highways and railways built by China. Also, do not deal with loans from Chinese banks. The world that depends on United States finances, starting with us Europeans and the nations that have received American aid and bread from America, certainly still live better than the Chinese.

All the nations of the world that we have eaten and continue to feed on the barns of America, to unite on a front against evil. Democracies will succeed and have the capacity to face the threats posed by dictatorial states. The year 2020 is crucial for all of us and the generations that will come after us.

Let us not miss the chance to vote this week and let the United States regain its global prestige. That’s what we need! (Selim Ibraimi @CSSDMacedonia) Diary on American Geopolitics