SELIM IBRAIMI- Leaders of the Western Balkans have shown little respect for the rule of law. As long as they keep the region of the Balkans in stable condition, the EU is willing to forgive their mistakes?

There are same opinions that due to the lack of attractive strategy, criteria and planning, the EU could lose the Balkans.

Without resolving internal/external disputes, reforms, rule of law, we want EU and NATO membership?!

Germany plays a vital role in all international organizations and is part of important conferences. So without Germany’s and the U.S. economic intervention in the Western Balkans, the region may turn back and the people of (WB-6) will continue to suffer more.

However the U.S. as world power and the only one that can directly affect diplomatic and conflict management processes, currently following the new tensions in the Middle East and the potential risk of war with North Korea, the Balkans would normally move from the main priority agenda.

Therefore, the EU and the Balkan states themselves must make an effort to solve the problems through negotiations.
However, this will not be easy, as this was seen with talks between Kosovo and Serbia to normalize relations.
The EU is not strong and under the new conditions created, the Balkans are moving towards new geopolitical moments.
Brussels will be forced to make concessions in respect of the criteria or these countries will never be able to enter the EU.
But let’s not forget that the 100-year problems in the Balkans can not be resolved by night and will not end with NATO membership or the EU.