Adjusting Macedonia towards EU


The positive spirit that exists today in Macedonia and in the region for name change is linked to a number of factors.
The main factor is the departure of Gruevski’s government from the political scene, the second, the EU’s new approach to Macedonia, third the policies of new government and the forth, the most important, without internal co-operation, all efforts would fall into the ground.
From now on, besides that, the new government should focus on active and professional diplomacy, it also must understand that things do not change if Macedonia itself does not want to become part of the European and democratic family.
Understandably, the process is very hard and it will take longer for everyone in Macedonia to understand that without reform of the Balkan style mentality, it can not become part of Europe.
The EU has different living standards and rules that we can hardly adjust.
At some moments in Macedonia the dose of hate and intolerance has reached a high degree and lessons should be drawn for the future.
Therefore, confidence and cooperation for a new Macedonia should be increased in and out of the country.
So from history we have many examples. From the modern epoch we have many neighboring states that Macedonia can take some examples.
EU will either take us or leave us in the darkness, where we will all sink.
It is time and moment to reflect as human beings, as we have chosen this form of life in an organized democratic system.