Smart diplomacy.Who will win?

By Selim Ibraimi – (Center for Security Studies and Development)

China aggressively is pursuing a policy of “invading” economically the Balkans. Around 10 billion dollars of direct investment and loans of the Republic of China and 30 billion dollars of direct line of Chinese money are open packages for the Balkan and Central Europe states, which are considered as one of the largest amounts of investment in the European continent.

The ambitious Chinese plan and overtures of Russian military in Eastern European countries has reversed the balance of forces.

Macedonia is satisfied with the policy of Chinese companies with concrete projects.

U.S. public diplomacy is threatened by involvements of the foreign capital in Macedonia.

U.S. corporations in long term should think on investing in both sides of Macedonia.

The Morava-Danub-Selanik Canal, could have a long -term consequence for the U.S. policy in the Balkans. Turkey is an important key actor.

(Geopolitical Note)