Secretary John Kerry visits Balkans

Secretary of DOS John Kerry visits Balkans.Will participate in OSCE Ministerial meeting of the leaders of  Western Balkans.Recently U.S. strategy has change direction to the old style diplomacy, which brings memories of Cold War Yugoslavia, as buffer zone,similar to todays Western Balkan States.

(UGI-Unit of Geopolitical Intelligence of CSSD)

*UNIT OF GEOPOLITICAL INTELLIGENCE (UGI)–Within the Center for Security Studies and Development is also active the Unit of Geopolitical Intelligence where you can find the latest analyses on the Balkans and Eurasia.The Intelligence Unit covers a wide range of issues, ranging form geopolitics, security, energy and climate. Head of the Unit of Geopolitical Intelligence is the founder of CSSD, Selim Ibraimi. In addition the co-founder Blerim Abedini, head of the projects at the CSSD is engaged in issues of climate change and natural resources.