Promotion of book, “The Cold Peace”

Press Releases:


May 10 ,2016

Promotion of the book ‘The Cold Peace’ by the Center for Security Studies and Development in regard to its founder Mr. Selim Ibraimi, was held in South East European University in Tetovo- Macedonia, in the presence of professors, business people, students and administration staff of SEE University. On this occasion students and academic institutions will have great range of geopolitical resources featured as analyses within 10 years of predictions on the Balkan’s region with main focus on security.

The book editor is professor of the International Relations at Webster University David B. Ratliff The former Intelligence Planner, Plans and Programs Division, Directorate of Intelligence and US TRANSCOM. Emin Azemi, is the Reviewer and professor at South East European University in Tetovo. Sadri Ramabaja, the Reviewer and professor at University of Iliria in Kosovo. Bardhyl Zaimi is Lector of ‘The Cold Peace’ book. The book is in Albanian language.

Berat Azizi- the Coordinator of the Center for Security Studies and Development expressed his gratitude for participation and briefly presented some key points as the author’s biography and the book’s structure and values. He also pleasantly allowed speeches to profesor Emin Azemi- the Reviewer of ‘The Cold Peace’ book, professor Sadri Ramabaja- the Reviewer. Also there was speech from eminent journalist, writer and professor Niyazi Muhamedi.

Mr. Emin Azemi, professor at South East European University in Tetovo and a board member of our Center, praised the hard work of Selim Ibraimi. He said, the book is a synopsis of important events worldwide tangible to social life of Balkans people. The book has brought most neuralgic momentum worldwide and the Balkans, as national vision in the middle placed between the ethnicity and ideology. Pleasantly he appreciated this work because Library has added a book for readers, featured with geopolitical connotation.

Mr. Sadri Ramabaja, professor at University of Iliria in Kosovo has explained the geopolitical reconfiguration, in the scope of confrontations between Russia and USA. The areal ambience in the scope of geopolitics within interest’s zones in the Balkans, as seen since 1999 where 28 states are competing. Also he added some features as leading states to EU one of them that is Germany which leads within European Union in the important decisions. He argued that Macedonia has unknown directions and could be reason for opening the Pandora’s box. For that, he commented politics in Macedonia that have wrong ways as he called it- miss leading politics. He also described Balkans that has hidden nationalism which is over weighted. He stated in recent chapters as 27 Chapter where he has outlined digressions and the key role of European Union for demarcations’ as it is between Balkans countries. Also he said that Balkans is in the international focus as path way or desired direction of people coming from conflict zones and other. In the end he has concluded that EU in its path has Albania, which embraces it.

The professor Niyazi Muhamedi has recommendations for audience in the beginning for wide purpose of the book, ‘The Cold Peace’ as a practical one and guide for governments, primarily for governments of South East Europe. He has stated in two important approaches for the Balkans as geopolitical and geostrategic. The Balkans geopolitics, he segmented in some key points as: being an exam of recent decade, political game in context of extended decisions by leaderships, decade of prisoning, etc. Also he stated in the geopolitics of the government of Macedonia by listing some weaknesses as acting twisted, for red light of United States directed to our government, the tendency of polarizing the protests by pro et contra government’s policies.

By the end we organized a cocktail as refreshment for audience. All participants gained books in regard of respect and attention.

THE CENTER FOR SECURITY STUDIES AND DEVELOPMENT has gratitude and consideration for people’s interests to read the book.


You can read the book “Paqja e Ftohte” on PDF version at our website.