BY SELIM IBRAIMI- The global pandemic has paralyzed all sectors of the economy, world markets, airline, shipping industry and people’s lives. Almost humanity has been forced to take radical steps to isolate the spread of the virus, and with this isolation states seems that have returned to the Middle Ages when they were forced to close and establish borders with hostile states or principalities.

Have we ever thought during this century especially with this great technological development over the last decade that one day we will be ‘locked’ inside the walls and we will not be able to return to normal life as we once did? Here’s how science fiction movies became a reality when bacteria managed to rule and stop everything human in this world.

While China was experiencing the horror of the virus during 2019-20, the West joked that the same deadly virus would not one day reach their home countries. And so this invisible enemy came and it happened that in March the countries of the Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other developed and underdeveloped countries closed the borders and took protective measures.

When we all thought that the following decades would be a theater of traditional wars combined with cyber attacks, this did not really happen. Biological warfare with viruses, insects and bacteria will apparently be the new scene of wars in the world with unforeseen consequences for humanity and world affairs. This will inevitably lead to new interstate conflicts, new economic crises, food shortages, food chain disruptions, interruption of air, land and sea traffic, and many other side effects.

Apparently, a new attempt is being made by the states to take advantage of the states that find it difficult to deal with this new situation. When some governments talk about easing measures, it is not so certain that the invisible enemy will not return and as has already been seen, it has changed our behavior.

Will we surrender in this new war that we do not see from which side the enemy is coming? I would say that the background to all this lies in the desire of the Chinese government and other antagonistic forces to overthrow the  current liberal order by installing the long Chinese path of global domination.

Is this possible? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday there was “a significant amount of evidence” that the new coronavirus emerged from a Chinese laboratory. We will continue next time with the second part of the story about the virus with ‘geopolitical content’.  (ISSDMaqedonia-@CSSDMacedonia)