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 Operating Officers



Selim Ibraimi-  Founder of ISSDNMacedonia and editor in chief of an online platform- @ISARMacedonia (Information Security of Analyses and Reports). Mr. Ibraimi holds a BA in Journalism from (University of Tirana, Albania), MA in International Relations from (Webster University, United States), and Ph.D. in Political Sciences from (South East European University, SEEU)

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 Berat Azizi-  Director of programs and editor of @ISARMacedonia. BA in Journalism, University of Tirana, Albania


Board Members


Dr. Richard L. Millett Dr. Millett received his AB with honors from Harvard University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico (U.S.A.) He did postdoctoral work at Ohio State University and is a graduate of the Air War College. He taught at Southern Illinois University from 1966 through 1999.  He has also taught at the University of Miami, St. Louis University, the Air War College, the Marine Corps University, and four universities in Colombia.  He held the Danish Distinguished Chair of American Studies at the Center for the Study of the Americas in Copenhagen in 2007-08 and the Oppenheimer Chair of Warfighting Strategy at the Marine Corps University in 2000 and 2001. He is Vice-President of the American Committees on Foreign Relations and Senior Partner of the Millett Group LLC. He has published over one hundred items, including Searching for Stability (2011), Latin American Democracy (2015), Colombia’s Conflicts: The Spillover Effects of a Wider War (2002), Beyond Praetorians: The Latin American Military in Transition (1999) and Guardians of the Dynasty (1977).  His articles have appeared in Foreign Policy, The Wilson Quarterly, Joint Forces Quarterly, Journal of Inter-American Studies, Current History, The New Republic, and numerous other journals. His editorial opinion columns have appeared in the Washington Post, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, the Journal of Commerce, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch. He has testified before Congress on 19 occasions, appeared on every major national TV network, including the PBS News Hour and Crossfire. He has appeared on television in over a dozen other nations. He is also a Research Associate of the Center for International Studies, University of Missouri-St. Louis and an Adjunct Professor at the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management.  In 1993 he held the Chair of Military Affairs at the Marine Corps University. He is Vice President of the St. Louis Committee on Foreign Relations and past-President of the Midwest Association for Latin American Studies.  In 2014 he received the Perry Award for Excellence in Security and Defense Education from the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies at National Defense University

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is davidratliff.jpgDavid Ratliff- University of San Diego (JD) School of Law (USA) Professor David Ratliff,  is a former Intelligence planner. Division of Plans and Programs U.S. Transcom. Professor Ratliff teaches Humanitarian Law and peacekeeping Forces at Webster University Scott AFB, Illinois. He also teaches Business Law at McKendree University, MO, (USA)

Bob Churcher- University of Bristol (Medieval History) United Kingdom (UK). Defense Ministry of the UK. Former OSCE observer for Macedonia and Albania. Former Director of International Crisis Group (ICG) for Kosovo. Bob Churcher went to work for the Foreign Office as a monitor in the Bosnian war. Bob Churcher, has employed by the UK FCO to work with the Afghan National Security Council. He now is a freelance consultant specializing in security issues, civil-military cooperation, political analysis, institutional development, and reconstruction of post-conflict governments. He has written and lectured extensively on the Balkans

Abdula Azizi PhD in Public Administration. Mr. Azizi is a full professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences in South East European University (SEEU) Tetovo, North Macedonia.

Tomas Shannon Stiles- (USA) BA in History- Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. MA in Political Science- University of Missouri- Saint Louis. Professor Stiles teaches Graduate level courses in International Relations to Military and Civilians at Scott Air Force Base, IL. Courses include Intro to International Relations, Central American Political Issues, The Politics of Development, Humanitarian Security and Peacekeeping at Webster University, Scott Air Force Base, Department of International Relations. Professor Stiles is also President at Hemispheric Solution


Muaz Agushi Mr. Agushi holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from South East European University- (Faculty of Public Administration and Political Science- SEEU), Master Degree MA, in Diplomacy from the South East European University (Faculty of Public Administration and Political Science-SEEU). He graduated with a BA, from the University of Kuwait. Currently, he is Director of the Department for Culture and Science at the ICM


Blerim Abedini Security, Cyber and  Intel Researcher @ ISAR North Macedonia. BA in Business Administration, South East European University (SEEU)


                  Web editors: Berat Misimi and Besim Raufi   


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