SELIM IBRAIMI- Although the American and Kosovo governments have different views on the de-escalation of the situation in the north of Kosovo, and for more than ten years Washington has had major changes in the policy in the Balkans, and towards Serbia, it is in the national interests of Kosovo, that the government continues to coordinate before any problem with the US. In this process, it is very important that all agencies participate, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US Embassy in Kosovo, the Embassy of Kosovo in Washington DC, etc., etc. And the important thing is that Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s staff and he himself should do more in this context. Even before, since 2011, there have been some difficulties in Kosovar diplomacy, but now it is time for things to change in strategic thinking and how to read international factors such as the US and European countries. If this path will be followed, then some issues and misunderstandings can be resolved very quickly and in the interest of Kosovo. (@CSSDMacedonia)