By Dr. Selim Ibraimi, (U.S.)- The winning party in North Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE, has achieved extraordinary results in defeating the SDSM by large margins in the parliamentary and presidential elections. The presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska has won 2 to 1 in the results against the current candidate Stevo Pendarovski. According to reports, Siljanovska received 65.04%, while Pendarovski received 29.29%. Likewise, in the parliamentary elections, VMRO-DPMNE, based on the official results, has reached a significant number of 58 deputies (MP), while the second party DUI (European Front of Ali Ahmeti) has won 19 deputies (MP). The third party SDSM has won 18 deputies (MP). VLEN, the Albanian opposition with 13 MPs, has overturned the result of April 24 in several municipalities, gaining the upper hand over the parties that make up the European Front. In general terms, VMRO and VLEN agreed to form a new government. Although Ahmeti said in his press conference that he maintains the legitimacy of the Albanian voters, the truth is that the European Front simply does not consist of only five Albanian parties. The European Front is part of other ethnic groups and marginalized communities. So the ethnic legitimacy and the composition of the coalitions determine the winner on the Albanian side. Therefore, the ethnic legitimacy first belongs to VLEN to continue the negotiations for the formation of a new government. Somehow, things may change, as DUI may produce a crisis to topple the new government or efforts to form the new government may be hampered by DUI. Regardles of the political events, the policy of the new government should be INTEGRATION AND REFORMS. However, some critics have raised concerns about VMRO’s ties with Russia, especially from Ali Ahmeti’s party. But the absurdity goes too far, so that a pro-Russian VMRO with the DUI if they form a new government, will it be less pro-Russian?! So all the propaganda is part of the political game to keep the opponent in a state of anxiety about strategies how to enter into the government of VMRO and nothing more. Also, the constitutional changes are part of the EU membership, which the Albanian parties have shown a clear position. In particular, the Albanian position on the issues of the EU and Bulgaria may in some way change the VMRO as well. State Department officials have stated that regardless of the results, North Macedonia’s European path must continue.