By Selim Ibraimi-Center for Security Studies and Development-Macedonia (CSSD) The last political developments in the Balkan region indicate that they’re not economic and democratic prosperity from the weak governments. There are factors that have led to the Balkans countries to experience the drastic financial decline of production and ultimately theContinue Reading

By Selim Ibraimi -Center for Security Studies and Development-Macedonia (CSSD) Statues with antique style traveled for years on cargo ship and heavy trucks to Macedonia, only to achieve goals and historic assumption of politicians of poor and fragile country with 12 billion GDP. How wrong can be understand the placeContinue Reading

By Selim Ibraimi- Center for Security Studies and Development- Macedonia (CSSD) War and peace, how state security must be preserved in multi dimensional world, where non-state actors play an important role in shaping policies and strategies of government. International conflicts and war on terrorism has change the way, how weContinue Reading

*UNIT OF GEOPOLITICAL INTELLIGENCE (UGI)– Within the Center for Security Studies and Development(CSSD)- Macedonia, also active is the Unit of Geopolitical Intelligence where, you can find the latest analyses in the Balkans and Eurasia. The Intelligence Unit covers a wide range of issues, ranging from geopolitics, security, energy and climate. HeadContinue Reading

Photo of the day: Political, Energy and Military Alliance! Behind ” New Iron Curtain” Time of big steps that will change economy and markets. In the approach of finding appropriate relation because of various economic interests in the Balkan peninsula. Serbian leadership is facing difficulties when in question is decisionContinue Reading