Institute for Security Studies and Development-ISSD North Macedonia

Summary of CSSD publications for second quarter



I. CSSD publications for year 2016

1.”The Cold Peace” – 10 years of geopolitical reconfigurations in the Balkans

Author: Selim Ibraimi

Publisher:CSSD-Macedonia, 2016


2.Extremism Studies:Global Threat,Local Solutions

Publisher:CSSD-Macedonia ,2016

Author: Selim Ibraimi

3.Policy paper:”How to fight the monster”

Publisher:CSSD-Macedonia, 2016

Author: Selim Ibraimi

4.Policy paper:Cyber warfare in the Balkan Peninsula

Publisher:CSSD-Macedonia, 2016

Author:Selim Ibraimi

II.On geopolitics, energy and climate changes see full studies and reports by our research analyst Blerim Abedini

Blerim-web edited

Research Analyst Blerim Abedini  Foto:CSSD-Macedonia, 2015