By SELIM IBRAIMI- The Albanian opposition in Northern Macedonia and the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) , a party that won 15 seats in the July elections, appear to have narrowed the bargain for an Albanian prime minister and other positions in the next government due to Albanian internal divisions.

The DUI said in a statement that significant progress had been made during the three-hour talks with Zoran Zaev.
Days ago, the Albanian opposition met with former Prime Minister Zaev to reach an agreement with SDSM for a joint government and in an attempt to bypass Ali Ahmeti’s DUI. In case Zaev tries to bypass Ahmeti, indirectly a powerful bloc is created against him, with which Zaev risks forming a government with small parties but which cannot govern.

However, this is a bit difficult for a mandator to do such an action, so he is obliged to go to the end with DUI for the formation or not of the government.
Ziadin Sela’s Alliance of Albanians and Afrim Gashi’s Alternative, a party that won 12 seats in the coalition, are also trying to enter the government.

Therefore, according to observers, Zaev, a player who does not keep his word and uses every opportunity, has sensed that the Albanian parties are without platforms and at all costs want to enter the government.
Zoran Zaev received the mandate yesterday from President Stevo Pendarovski, but this move was criticized by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Skopje congratulated Zaev on receiving the mandate and that the Embassy supports Zaev, but leaving room for comments on Twitter that the Embassy is one-sided. However, as always, Albanian parties serve only for votes and do not manage to capitalize on their programs objectives, but only represent clans and interest groups.

Other parties that have entered into coalitions with the Macedonian ones, according to analysts, have damaged the Albanian electorate, but nevertheless their political weight is insignificant in Albanian politics. In all this political gambling, more space is being left to the pandemic which is spreading rapidly and where the new government needs to spend more time. According to the constitution, Zaev now has 20 days to form the government or not.  (ISSDMaqedonia-@CSSDMacedonia)