Workshop on CVE


Two external collaborators of the CSSD-Macedonia Nebi Sadiku of Municipality of Tetovo and Xhemal Qamili of Municipality of Tearce, Macedonia, participated in the regional workshop on how to prevent the radicalization in the region, organized by Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) Tirana, Albania with support by US Embassy Tirana.The summer camp was held in the city of Durres, from 19 to 22 July, 2016.We thank our partners and the political staff of US Embassy, Skopje, Macedonia on nominating two CSSD’s collaborators.

Due to the complexity of the phenomena there are many issues that should  be address by CSO.

Update:News Release: 7.8.16-7.10.16



Participants of the Workshop on CVE

13901771_10154400573666465_26761007_oOn the right instructor and the expert on radicalization Mr. Adrian Shtuni is featuring with the book “The Cold Peace”-“Paqja e Ftohtë” by Selim Ibraimi, author and founder of CSSD-Macedonia



Media expert Lutfi Dervishi together with one of the CSSD’s collaborators Xhemal Qamili also is featuring with the book “Paqja e Ftohtë”-“The Cold Peace”-2016