Weakness of today’s democracies

By Blerim Abedini, ISSD-NM- Social networks in our century became important for reforming political institutions. It deciphers the deviations of the political factor from legislative measures to nonimportant events. In this case, information on the Internet is a mechanism that constantly monitors the political executive and forces it to correct and take care of the legislation.

The political-social developments are characterized by little progress due to the fast dynamism that the world is going throug ands the need to resonate with the global market. Social networks put pressure on the economic market to speed up the application of new legislation measures under new conditions.

However, war crises in many parts of the world have slowed economic development. The war in Ukraine has greatly affected the global market due to increased transport costs. The increase in oil prices from OPEC member states has endangered the middle class, which is the main pillar of the national economy.

The decrease in imports and exports is the epilogue of high transport costs. With the increase in prices in the market, many goods have been stuck in warehouses that have a certain deadline in terms of nutrition and technical aspects.

Global diplomacy faces unprecedented weaknesses. Unsuccessful leadership sees the solution in new war fronts even though the Cold War in the last century proves this. The US does not offer peacekeeping plans under the current presidency, but only war as the only solution. This only makes it difficult for the new president of the USA (in 2024) to restore trust in powerful countries.

Democracy under the leadership of the democrats is bloody. Surely the citizen did not vote for a society with a deficit economy, insecurity and other problems. These are the signs of the weakness of democratic systems, when corruption begins to destroy government institutions that have vomited money during their mandate. So, the detection of corruption in the ranks of leadership affects the confusion of political decisions such as war fronts in the world.